• Clear transparent face films (print films / matched laminates)
  • Solvent, Latex and UV
  • External life of 3-5 years
  • Permanent clear UV polyacrylate adhesive
  • Fire rated
  • Widths of 1370mm and 1600mm

The Nu-Finish ‘M’ Series of monomeric print lamination films all feature ‘permanent’ (P) adhesives.

Nu-Finish ‘M’ Series ‘permanent’ print laminates offer gloss clear and matt clear films that can be used as print vinyls and as matched monomeric laminates for all Nu-Print ‘M’ Series vinyls.

These monomeric films are commonly used for Point Of Sale (PoS) applications and offer cost effective, high quality print results and/or protection for printed graphics.

Clear Films (Printable Laminates)

Clear, 80µ transparent gloss face film.

Clear, 80µ transparent matt face film.

The print laminates on this page are part of the Nu-Print ‘M’ Series range of monomeric print vinyls, a complete range of gloss and matt face films in standard and high opacity options, plus clear transparent films that can be printed or used as matched laminates.

‘M’ Series print laminates are available in only one permanent (P) adhesive option.

The complete Nu-Print ‘M’ Series range of graphics films offers 3 adhesive options to suit your specific application: