Consistent high quality is extremely important for your workflow and your cost control.

  • Sheer testing of vinyl adhesive, showing various media combinations attached to the controlled testing machine with weights hanging from the test strips of vinyl.
  • Peel testing machine in use to accurately electronically measure adhesive peel results with an industry standard peel tester.
  • Weighing out adhesive combinations for testing and recording consistencey between batches as well as when creating new product formulations of adhesives.
  • Close-up photo of the backprint on a typical NU-COAT backprinted vinyl product, including the batch number and NU-COAT brand logo for identification as well as key marking lines to help users with positioning.
  • NU-COAT's cold store for controlled storage our media during the finishing process.

We have put in place precise work and control procedures to supply you with the same consistently high quality products every time.

To enable us to achieve this, our investments include:

  • Chilled storage to maintain high gloss finish in rolls of raw material
  • Clean room environment where all our coating takes place

Controlled testing of goods across all production is of course a standard at NU-COAT.

Our expansive laboratory test methods accurately measure the key physical properties of our products, including gloss level, thickness, shrinkage, whiteness, peel adhesion and tensile strengths.

Tests conducted by our highly qualified laboratory technicians follow standard FINAT, DIN or ISO test methods.

This allows us to strictly maintain quality, innovate the range of products we supply and to benchmark against alternative materials in the market as we aim to achieve best in class.

We measure our self-adhesive products performance – tack, adhesion, cohesion – on a range of substrates typically used by our customers, including glass, aluminium and Dibond panels, as well as difficult to stick to LSE (Low Surface Energy) substrates, such as polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) and polyethylene (PE).

Our evaluations include the tensile strength and elasticity of our range to determine how stretchable or conformable a product is, enabling us to offer guidance on the best self-adhesive product to use for specific applications, be it simple flat panels or more complex curved shapes.

Qualified technical information on products is made readily accessible via QR codes on our samples and marketing literature to give anyone immediate easy access.

We can track and trace back all components and elements of conversion of any finished roll produced, including of course the specifics of adhesive, face film and backing liner.

To compliment this, the liner of all NU-COAT materials are printed with traceable codes and batch numbers, enabling you to identify our materials even after the core or packaging has been discarded

Last, but not least, we like to innovate so we are ready, willing and able to provide expertise to help customers create bespoke products and test them utilising our advanced laboratory and coating equipment, backed up with the support of our world leading suppliers.