We have achieved carbon neutrality in accordance with PAS 2060:2014.

In accordance with PAS 2060:2014, NU-COAT are a certified carbon neutral business and we are proud to be contributing our part towards a carbon neutral Britain.

NU-COAT are a carbon neutral company: PAS 2060:2014 - a certified carbon neutral business.

Businesses play a critical role in accelerating the Net Zero transition and we have demonstrated our commitment to the essential task of setting and delivering on Net Zero targets.

Good quality offsets are a key present-day supplement to reducing emissions aligned to a 1.5˚C pathway and will continue to have an important role in the future.

PAS 2060 is the internationally recognised specification for carbon neutrality published by BSI. It sets out the requirements for quantifying, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for organisations and products.

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