• Gloss & matt white, standard and high-opacity polymeric face films
  • Clear transparent polymeric face films (print films / matched laminates)
  • Solvent, Latex and UV printable
  • Clear UV polyacrylate adhesives:
    PermPLUS (P) permanent,
    HighGRAB (H) permanent,
    UltraGRAB (U) permanent
  • 3 liner options:
    135gsm backprinted kraft liner, or
    140gsm backprinted PE coated liner, or
    160gsm backprinted AirXit micro-structured PE liner
  • External life of 7 years
  • Widths of 1370mm and 1600mm

Nu-Print ‘P’ Series range of self-adhesive polymeric print vinyls offer gloss white and matt white face films in standard and high opacity options, plus clear transparent films that can be printed or used as matched laminates.

These 75µ monomeric vinyls are designed for use in short to medium term applications applied onto flat surfaces.

The full Nu-Print ‘P’ Series range offers 3 levels of adhesive to suit your specific application: PermPLUS (P) permanent, HighGRAB (H) permanent and UltraGRAB (U) permanent options.

PermPLUS (P) adhesive is commonly used for applications onto smooth flat or slightly curved surfaces.

HighGRAB (H) adhesive is commonly used for more demanding applications onto rough & textured surfaces.

UltraGRAB (U) adhesive is commonly used for applications onto LSE (Low Surface Energy) surfaces.