• Satin white non-PVC monomeric face films
  • Clear transparent non-PVC monomeric face films (print films / matched laminates)
  • PVC free
  • Latex and UV printable
  • External life of 2 years
  • Clear UV polyacrylate adhesives:
    PermPLUS (P) permanent,
    HighGRAB (H) permanent,
    UltraGRAB (U) permanent
  • 140gsm neutral PE liner
  • Widths of 1370mm and 1600mm

The Nu-Print ‘O’ Series are a range of non-PVC print films in a choice of satin white or gloss clear finishes – the clear film is also for use as a matched non-PVC laminate.

Nu-Print ‘O’ Series offers a range of non-PVC print films with virtually no shrinkage.

Primarily for Latex or UV digital printing but can be CAD cut.

These polyolefin films are both 100% chlorine & phthalate free, therefore they are a more environmentally friendly alternative to PVC.

Prints should be left flat for at least 4 hours prior to cutting, lamination or application.

No adhesive milking when wet applied.

For application to flat surfaces only.

Can be dry or wet applied.

Product codes starting with O13 (satin white print films) are fire rated EN13501-1.

Nu-Print ‘O’ Series offers 3 adhesive options to suit your specific application: PermPLUS (P) permanent, HighGRAB (H) permanent and UltraGRAB (U) permanent.

PermPLUS (P) adhesive is commonly used for applications onto smooth flat or slightly curved surfaces.

HighGRAB (H) adhesive is commonly used for more demanding applications onto rough & textured surfaces.

UltraGRAB (U) adhesive is commonly used for applications onto LSE (Low Surface Energy) surfaces.