• Permanent clear UV polyacrylate adhesive
  • Widths of 615mm, 1230mm and 1530mm

Metallised PET films in five different finishes featuring our PermPLUS (P) permanent adhesives.

Nu-Coat’s metallic sign films offer popular metallised finishes suitable for internal and external sign and graphics applications.

Some are ‘two-way’ films, meaning the same metallised finish can be viewed from both sides when applied onto glass.

These films are suitable for CAD plotter cut graphics and offer outstanding performance.

The adhesive builds bonds fast, even in wet and cold conditions, allowing you to remove the application tape quickly and save time and money in the application phase.

Even at temperatures close to 0°C the adhesive will get to normal levels within 5 minutes.

The UV polyacrylate adhesive will never whiten when wet applied, even at colder temperatures.

The ‘water-repellent’ PE coated liner makes wet application easier.

There are 5 different metallic finishes to choose from: bright two-way silver, bright two-way gold, bright two-way rose gold, bright two-way copper and two-way brushed silver.

50µ two-way bright silver.

External life of 3 years.

50µ two-way bright gold.

External life of 3 years.

50µ two-way bright rose gold.

External life of 2 years.

50µ two-way bright copper.

External life of 3 years.

50µ two-way brushed Silver.

External life of 3 years.