• External life of 3-5 years
  • FS Base print vinyls: Max Grab adhesive
  • FS Guard & FS Armour laminates: ultra grab adhesive
  • Widths of 380mm, 760mm, 1370mm and 1530mm

A range of highly specialised print films and laminates for extreme graphic applications.

Designed for Low Surface Energy (LSE) surfaces and the protection of extreme graphics, such as for motorcross and karting graphics.

FS Base print vinyls use a specially formulated Max Grab adhesive that ensures this product will stay stuck on even the most difficult of low surface energy (LSE) surfaces.

FS Guard and FS Armour laminates use a specially formulated Ultra Grab adhesive and are the matched gloss laminates for FS Base media.

For digital printing and CAD cut graphics.

These films offer outstanding performance in the most extreme environments.

The FS range offers 2 printable vinyl options, and 2 matched laminate options.

Print Vinyls

FS Base Gloss White
High opacity, 80µ gloss white monomeric PVC face film.

FS Base Gloss Clear
80µ gloss clear monomeric PVC face film.



FS Guard Gloss Clear
250µ gloss clear monomeric PVC face film.

FS Armour Gloss Clear
350µ gloss clear monomeric PVC face film.