Introducing T36-P, a gloss clear laminate that is ideal to deep clean high traffic flat surfaces.

Our NEW easy to clean gloss clear laminate works particularly well to cover textured surfaces that appear to be clean, but when examined under UV light the bacteria and viruses are still evident.

  • 36-P gloss transparent laminate is good for hygienic efficient, easy cleaning as these 3 photo demonstrate when compared under UV light to highlight bacteria that is left after cleaning a normal surface compared to a surface laminated with T36-P.

T36-P is for use as a laminate on flat surfaces, doors, door plates, counter tops etc. …anywhere that can harbour bacteria and viruses.

The above image shows a door plate photographed under UV light after having been wiped clean.
T36-P laminate is applied onto the top half of the door plate, the bottom half is unlaminated… under UV light the bacteria left on the surface after wiping down the whole door plate is evident.
  • External life of 3 years
  • 36μ transparent gloss laminate
  • PET face with a 22 Dyne Low Surface Energy (LSE) coating on the surface
  • Permanent UV adhesive suitable for wet application
  • 140gsm PE liner
  • For application to flat surfaces only
  • Virtually no shrinkage
  • Can be cleaned 100’s of times with no loss of performance
T36-P gloss transparent laminate is for applications onto flat surfaces – it is easy to apply and provides a more hygienic, easy to clean surface.

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